All Aboard Sailing

Dana Lyons plays Waldron Island.

All of the San Juan Islands are unique, Waldron especially so. No connections with the tourist industry, Commercial Recreation is prohibited and so the island is largely independent. Whatever is considered lacking in amenities is more than made up for in the richness of the attributes valued by the residents.

Quiet and privacy, safety for children, no crime, no police – off the grid. And no ferry transport which gave good reason to ferry my long time friend and musician Dana Lyons and attend the community potluck and music event.

At one time I travelled with Dana to Fresno Ca and came back with a 1967 Crown School Bus which we then painted to look like a cow and toured the mid west states with his big hit song Cows with Guns. Humor and theater with a message. The idea of the Great Salish Sea Tour to bring back the salmon begins.