All Aboard Sailing

Humpback whale MMZ0004 “Zephyr” and her new calf

October 8, 2021 – Another fun adventure with lots of wildlife including bald eagles (adults and juveniles), Steller sea lions, exotic animals on Spieden Island, harbor seals, harbor porpoise, Dalls porpoise, a Peregrine falcon and a pair of humpback whales MMZ0004 “Zephyr” and her new calf.

Bald eagle outside Friday Harbor

Coastline near Friday Harbor

Two container ships in Boundary Pass

Steller sea lions at Green Pt, Spieden Island

Pair of bald eagles

Gary oak trees with fall colors and glacial erratics

Can you spot the bald eagle?

Juvenile bald eagle

Juvenile bald eagles battling

Adult bald eagle

Harbor seals in the cave on Henry Island

Sailing towards Kellett Bluff

More seals in another cave on Henry Island

Kellett Bluff

Peregrine Falcon on Kellett Bluff, Henry Island

Harbor seal in the shallows

Dalls Porpoise

Dalls Porpoise

Humpback calf

Humpback surfacing

Humpback whale MMZ0004 “Zephyr” and her new calf

Humpback whale MMZ0004 “Zephyr” and her new calf

Humpback whale MMZ0004 “Zephyr” and her new calf

Humpback whale MMZ0004 “Zephyr” tail flukes

Humpbacks going on deep dive

Humpback MMZ0004 “Zephyr” with Mt Baker

Humpback calf of MMZ0004 “Zephyr”

Humpback MMZ0004 “Zephyr” with Spieden Island in the background

Baby Skye watching the humpback whales

Spieden Island

Spieden Island Bluff

Sailing along Spieden Island in New Channel

Bald eagle

Bull kelp forest and Tip Top Hill

Flattop Island with reflections

Harbor seal with reflections

Sailing downwind

Route map 10-8-21