All Aboard Sailing

A sail to Yellow Island and around Flattop Island

May 8, 2022 – Afternoon/evening sail – A visit to Yellow Island Nature Preserve and a dip in the water. Sailed up to Green Pt to see the Steller sea lions and around Flattop National Wildlife Refuge. Beautiful lighting and scenery with wildlife all around.

Great blue heron in flight

Western tip of Yellow Island and looking west to Spieden Island

“Peniel” at anchor at Yellow Island

Passenger jumping in for a dip

Chocolate lilies

Wildflowers on Yellow Island

“Peniel” at anchor at Yellow Island

Yellow Island

Juvenile bald eagle on glacial erratic

Juvenile bald eagle in flight

Sentinel and Spieden Islands

Cloud reflections with Orcas and Jones Islands

Harbor seal swimming by

Steller sea lions on Green Pt, Spieden Island

Steller sea lions

Looking west towards New Channel

Pair of bald eagles

Wildflowers on Flattop Island

Flattop Island with refections

Harbor seals on Flattop Island

Harbor seals on Flattop Island

Lone seal on the south side of Flattop

Bald eagle nest

Rocks and islands

Great blue heron

Harbor seals and emerald green water

Layers of islands

Looking through the gap

Madrone tree through the gap

Sentinel Island in the distance

Layers of rocks and islands

Nob Island and Turtleback Mountain

Ferries at Friday Harbor

Route map 5-8-22 pm