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Humpback whale BCX1640 “Bond” outside Friday Harbor and Brown Pelican sighting

July 27, 2022 – We got to see some exciting wildlife including a humpback whale known as BCX1640 “Bond”, Steller sea lions, harbor seals, cormorants, gull chicks, bald eagles, and a rare brown pelican.

Humpback whale BCX1640 “Bond” with Mt Baker

Ferry with Mt Baker

Humpback whale BCX1640 “Bond” exhaling

Humpback whale BCX1640 “Bond” dorsal fin

Humpback whale BCX1640 “Bond” tail flukes

Humpback whale BCX1640 “Bond” tail flukes

Happy passengers posing for photo

Gull chasing bald eagle

Harbor seals on the beach of Goose Island

Gulls with chicks on Goose Island

Cormorants nesting on Goose Island

Cattle Pt Lighthouse, San Juan Island

Cormorants on Whale Rocks

Steller sea lions on Whale Rocks

Gulls on Whale Rocks with Cattle Pt Lighthouse in the distance

Brown pelican on Whale Rocks

Brown pelican on Whale Rocks

Strong currents near Whale Rocks

Humpback whale BCX1640 “Bond”

Route map 7-27-22-am