All Aboard Sailing

Now that’s a lotta sea lions!

Sea lions – more than we’ve ever seen on Green Point (over 135). Two of them way up high headed towards the trees. I guess they know there are no longer any cougars around here – one of their main predators further north. Fabulous sailing conditions. Mouflon lambs appearing on Spieden Island. Spring is definitely here.

Captain David Howitt

Popeye the sailor man

Naturalist Barbara Howitt

Olive Oil girl

Steller sea lions at Green Point

134 steller sea lions (not including whose in the water)

Steller Sea Lion bachelor beach party

Steller Sea Lion bachelor beach party

Sea Lions Spieden Island

headed for the hills

Sea Lions, Spieden Island

Who’s got the beer?

Sea Lions Green Point

A pleasant swim

Steller Sea Lions swimming

Marco, Polo

Sailing the San Juan Islands

Heading for Cactus Islands

Sailing the San Juans

New Channel

Harbor seals sunning on Sentinel Rock

Harbor seals on Sentinel Rock

Exotic animals San Juan Islands

Exotic Mouflon Sheep on Spieden Island

Mouflon Lambs

Mouflon Lambs

Immature bald eagle soaring

Immature bald eagle coming in for a landing

Harbor seals sunning on Flattop Island

Harbor seals resting in the sun on Flattop Island

Flattop Island mosses and lichens

Flattop Island mosses and lichens

Geology of Flattop Island

Geology of Flattop Island