All Aboard Sailing

Sailing the silver lining

So glad we didn’t cancel for rain! If you don’t like the weather in the San Juans, just wait 5 minutes. It was an awesome sail. Wing on wing downwind thru our favorite islands and on through Spring Pass like a race car with the flood till we rounded Flattop. Reducing sail in the lee of the gorgeous geology we briskly beat a close hauled tack to Green Point and the party with the stellers. Such a wonderful spring day sailing. 66 sea lions on the rocks, 50+ in the water (as a guess).

Pointing at the sights

Pointing out the sights

Harbor seals

Harbor seal faces

In the lee of Flattop Island

In the lee of Flattop Island

Bald Eagle

One of ten bald eagles that we saw today

Spring colours

Spring colours – Many islands’ wildflowers were hit hard by the wind, but the lee of Flattop is looking good.

Flattop Island wildflowers

Flattop Island wildflowers

Flattop Island fawn lilies

Flattop Island fawn lilies

Harlequin ducks

Harlequin ducks

Flattop Island

Majestic sight

mosses and lichens of Flattop Island

mosses and lichens and wildflowers – thousands of years old

Canada Goose

A goose

Canada Goose

Duck, duck, goose

Sailing towards New Channel

Rain in New Channel

Spieden Island

Lets go southwest

Sailing the San Juans

Making speed

Stellers at Green Pt

Stellers at Green Pt

steller sea lions

bachelor party

Northern Steller Sea Lions

I’m watching you

raft of steller sea lions

Raft of steller sea lions

Sailing towards Roche Harbor, Washington

View towards Roche Harbor, Washington

Sea Lions, Green Point, Spieden Island

66 sea lions hauled out, yesterday we saw 134 hauled out, more in the water today

Looking back toward Spieden

Looking back in the rear view mirror

Family sailing

Family Fun – everyone took a chance at the helm