All Aboard Sailing

North to New Channel, Skipjack, and Presidents Channel

September 22, 2021 – David and Barbara’s five year wedding anniversary 🙂 And a sail visiting some of our favorite places here in the San Juans. Flattop Island, New Channel, Skipjack Island and the beautiful Orcas Island north shore. Lots of wildlife, too, including more harbor seals than we’ve probably seen in one day, bald eagles, great blue herons, belted kingfishers, harbor porpoise, and various diving birds (Pigeon guillemots, marbled murrelets).

Bald eagle on Low Island sign

Island reflections

Harbor seals near Jones Island

Great blue heron

Harbor seals on Flattop Island

Harbor seal on Flattop Island with honeycombed sandstone

Bald eagle nest on Flattop Island

Flattop Island

Harbor seals high on shore

Flattop Island

Bald eagle in flight

Harbor seals on the rocks with Ripple Island behind

Harbor seals on the rocks

Currents in New Channel

New Channel waters with bull kelp

Elephant Rock on Spieden Island

Skipjack Island north side

Harbor seals on Skipjack Island

Harbor seals on Skipjack Island

Harbor seals on Skipjack Island

Skipjack Island

Bare Island

Harbor seals on Bare Island

Cormorants on Bare Island

Great sail

Orcas Island forest

Great blue heron up in the tree

Historic Lime Kiln

Bald eagle nest on Orcas Island

Family of 4 river otters

River otters on Orcas Island

River otters on Orcas Island

Pigeon guillemots in winter plumage

Marbled murrelets

Sunny September sail