All Aboard Sailing

A perfect short sail/wildlife tour

May 2, 2022 – Glassy seas, fast currents, whirlpools, harbor seals, harbor porpoise, Steller sea lions, two separate bald eagle nests occupied by a bald eagle with presumably new chicks plus 4 other bald eagles in the vicinity.

Great blue heron

Canada Geese

Harbor seals resting

Harbor seals resting

Drifting south looking at Cattle Pass

Male harlequin duck

Rocks offshore of Pear Pt

Cormorants with ducks photobombing

Layers of islands

Bald eagle sitting in the nest

Bald eagle on Shaw

Harbor porpoise outside Friday Harbor

Bald eagle sitting in the nest

Bald eagle near Pt George

Sailing across San Juan Channel back to Friday Harbor

Layers of islands

Route map 5-2-22