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Humpback whale BCX1773 “Valiant” and friend

May 19, 2022 – An adventure to see a pair of humpback whales going North in Haro Strait. One of them is a young 5 year old named BCX1773 “Valiant”, but the other we couldn’t confirm it’s identity. New Channel was amazing and didn’t disappoint with many harbor seals resting on the islands and rocks. We also saw bunches of bald eagles.

Route map 5/19/22

Ferry with ominous clouds over Friday Harbor

Bald eagle

Bald eagle

Little McConnell with Orcas Island behind

Wildflowers on Yellow Island

Flattop Island

Rocks in New Channel

Sailing wing on wing

Harbor seals in New Channel with Spieden Bluff

Cormorant with Tip Top Hill

Harbor seals in New Channel with Pt Disney in the background

Fly by

Sailing with humpback whales

BCX1773 “Valiant”

Unidentified humpback whale swimming with Valiant

Humpback whale deep dive

Tail flukes in the air

Interesting sail boat with sail between two masts

BCX1773 “Valiant”

BCX1773 “Valiant”

BCX1773 “Valiant”

Humpback with massive cruise ship

Humpback whale with exhale

Bald eagle with nest

Mature bald eagle

Geese with purple wildflowers

Canada Geese with goslings

Canada Geese with goslings

Steller sea lions on Green Pt, Spieden Island

Steller sea lions on Green Pt, Spieden Island

Nob Island

Bald eagle on Shirt Tail Reef channel marker

Bald eagle in nest on Shaw Island

Friday Harbor