All Aboard Sailing

Sail around Henry Island with stunning sunset

May 27, 2022 – Full day sail around Henry Island with a pick up and drop off at Orcas Island

Looking Northwest from Jones Island

Harbor seal

Steller sea lions

Mouflon Rams on Spieden Island

Sailing in Spieden Channel

Sailing by Battleship Island

Bald eagle in nest on Henry Island

Kellett Bluff

Olympic Mountains

Bald eagle nest on Henry Island

Roche Harbor

Henry Island and Battleship Island

Battleship Island and British Columbia

Black oystercatchers

Ominous clouds over Spieden Island

Sun rays shining through the clouds

Layers of rocks and islands seen from Nob Island

Sunset reflections on the water

Sunset colors looking west towards Canada

Sunset sail in the San Juan Islands

Clouds lit up by the setting sun

Gorgeous sunset sail

Gorgeous sunset sail

Pink and purple clouds

Returning to Friday Harbor after sun down