All Aboard Sailing

Sailing along Lummi Island

September 17, 2022 – After picking up our passengers at Orcas Island we decided to pick a route to explore Rosario Strait. At the Pea Pod Rocks we saw many harbor seals hauled out and a bald eagle perched on the marker. When we reached Lawrence Point we could see much stronger winds to the north so we decided to sail across to Lummi Island instead of going up and over the top of Orcas Island. We had a beautiful, peaceful downwind sail wing on wing along the steep forested coastline of Lummi. At Viti Rocks we changed course to sail around the bottom of Sinclair Island. When we reached the top of Cypress Island, a pod of orcas were found offshore of the southwest tip of Lopez Island including the T100B’s and an unfamiliar family known as the T7B’s. We headed south with the hopes they’d keep coming east and then north up Rosario Strait.  In between Cypress and Blakely we found many gulls and diving birds actively feeding in bait balls. Unfortunately we didn’t find any baleen whales in the mix. orcas stopped for a bit for some hunting and continued as we hoped in an easterly direction. But, unfortunately they kept going east towards Deception Pass.  When we realized it wasn’t in the cards for us to catch up with them, we changed course back to the north. At James Island we spotted a Peregrine falcon. Sailed across to come inside of Frost Island passing Spencer Spit State Park and back through the islands to Orcas Ferry Landing.

David’s former boat Henrietta” while working to save Luna L98

Mt Baker

Stunning mountain on Cypress

Beautiful sailboats

Canada Geese

Skye playing with the lines

Harbor seals on Peapod Rocks

Bald eagle on Peapod Rocks

Harbor seals on Peapod Rocks

Harbor seals on Lummi Rocks

Sailing wing on wing along Lummi Island

Sailing wing on wing along Lummi Island

Cormorants on Viti Rocks

Cormorants on Viti Rocks

Cypress Island

Cypress Island

Gulls and diving birds in bait ball

Black tailed deer

Peregrine falcon

Sailboat and WA State Ferry with Mt Baker

WA State Ferry with Mt Baker

Spencer Spit State Park, Lopez Island

A small group of trees

Mt Baker behind Cypress Island

Sun dog

Route map 9-17-22